Who’s Loving You: Sara Jafari, Amna Saleem, Varaidzo, and Sara Collins in Conversation with Sareeta Domingo

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14 April 2021 @ 7:30 pm 9:00 pm BST


Join us for a special event featuring contributors to the new short fiction collection, WHO’S LOVING YOU: LOVE STORIES BY WOMEN OF COLOUR. The collection’s editor, Sareeta Domingo, will welcome Sara Jafari, Amna Saleem, Varaidzo, Sara Collins in turn via Instagram Live to read from and discuss their stories.

Lost love. Forbidden Love. Unrequited love. Tenderness. Desire. Romance. Passion.

WHO’S LOVING YOU is a celebration of love in all its guises written by women of colour, with ten original short stories from bold new voices, literary prize-winners and national treasures.

Two souls come together and are torn apart, lifetime after lifetime. A seed of hope begins to grow out of the ashes of grief, heartbreak and loss. Romance sparks in the most unexpected of places. And an unbreakable bond is formed that transcends countries, continents and even the boundaries of time…

In this extraordinary collection, ten writers explore the full spectrum of love in all its messy, joyful, agonising and exhilarating forms. Celebrating and centring the romance, passion and desire of women of colour, these stories burn with an intensity and longing that lingers long after the final page.


Sareeta Domingo is the author of If I Don’t Have You, The Nearness of You and creator, editor and contributing writer of romantic fiction anthology Who’s Loving You. Her books for Young Adults are published under S.A. Domingo, including Love, Secret Santa. She has contributed to publications including gal-dem, Black Ballad, Stylist and Token Magazine, and has taken part in events for Hachette Books, Winchester Writers’ Festival, Black Girls Book Club and Bare Lit Festival among others.

Sara Jafari is a British-Iranian author and editor based in London. On the side, she runs TOKEN Magazine, a literature and arts print magazine, which showcases writing and artwork by underrepresented writers and artists. She is a contributor to “I Will Not Be Erased”: Our Stories About Growing up as People of Colour, and her debut novel, The Mismatch, will be published in 2021. 

Amna Saleem is a Scottish Pakistani screenwriter, journalist and broadcaster based in Glasgow with several TV projects in production. Her first sitcom, Beta Female, can be found on BBC Radio Four. Amna has written for publications such as The Guardian, GQ, Glamour and HuffPost amongst many others. She can often be seen on screen digesting the news or compulsively oversharing online. Making people laugh so hard that they temporarily forget their worries is her favourite thing to do in the whole world.  

Varaidzo is a writer, editor and artist. She is a contributor to the bestselling anthology The Good Immigrant and her story ‘Bus Stop’ was shortlisted for the Guardian 4th Estate BAME Prize 2018. She was previously an editor for Wasafiri and gal-dem.   

Sara Collins obtained a Master’s degree in creative writing (with distinction) from Cambridge University. She is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, The Confessions of Frannie Langton, which won the 2019 Costa First Novel Award.

The Manningtree Witches: A.K. Blakemore Live Tarot Interview with Jen Cownie

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9 March 2021 @ 7:30 pm 9:00 pm GMT


Join us when we welcome A.K. Blakemore for a live tarot interview with Jen Cownie of Litwitchure. The event will be streaming Instagram Live to celebrate the publication of A.K. Blakemore’s hugely anticipated debut novel, THE MANNINGTREE WITCHES.

Fear takes root in the women of Manningtree when the Witchfinder General comes to town.

Caught amidst betrayal and persecution, what must Rebecca West do to survive?

England, 1643. Parliament is battling the King; the war between the Roundheads and the Cavaliers rages. Puritanical fervour has gripped the nation, and the hot terror of damnation burns black in every shadow.

In Manningtree, depleted of men since the wars began, the women are left to their own devices. At the margins of this diminished community are those who are barely tolerated by the affluent villagers – the old, the poor, the unmarried, the sharp-tongued. Rebecca West, daughter of the formidable Beldam West, fatherless and husbandless, chafes against the drudgery of her days, livened only by her infatuation with the clerk John Edes. But then newcomer Matthew Hopkins, a mysterious, pious figure dressed from head to toe in black, takes over The Thorn Inn and begins to ask questions about the women of the margins. When a child falls ill with a fever and starts to rave about covens and pacts, the questions take on a bladed edge.

The Manningtree Witches plunges its readers into the fever and menace of the English witch trials, where suspicion, mistrust and betrayal ran amok as the power of men went unchecked and the integrity of women went undefended. It is a visceral, thrilling book that announces a bold new talent.

A. K. Blakemore is the author of two full-length collections of poetry: Humbert Summer and Fondue which was awarded the 2019 Ledbury Forte Prize for Best Second Collection. She has also translated the work of Sichuanese poet Yu Yoyo. Her writing has been widely published and anthologised, appearing in the London Review of Books, Poetry, Poetry Review and the White Review, among others. The Manningtree Witches is her debut novel.

Jen Cownie is one half of Litwitchure, the UK’s first and only literary tarot cabaret and consultancy. Litwitchure has been interviewing authors and celebrities via the medium of live tarot readings since 2018: letting the cards take the conversation where they will… which always means unexpected places. Previous interviewees include Nina Stibbe, Jarvis Cocker, Lucy Mangan, Sandra Newman, and Caroline O’Donoghue.

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K-Ming Chang Discusses Bestiary with Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

On Friday evening we welcomed K-Ming Chang for a reading and discussion of her acclaimed debut novel, BESTIARY, with Rowan Hisayo Buchanan. Huge thanks to K-Ming and Rowan, as well as everyone that joined us live!

Bestiary is in stock for collection and nationwide delivery, and if you missed the event live you can watch it below.


Bestiary: K-Ming Chang in Conversation with Rowan Hisayo Buchanan

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26 February 2021 @ 7:30 pm 8:30 pm GMT


Join us when we welcome K-Ming Chang to discuss her acclaimed debut novel, BESTIARY, with Rowan Hisayo Buchanan. The event will be streaming via Instagram Live.

Three generations of Taiwanese American women are haunted by the myths of their homeland in this spellbinding, visceral debut about one family’s queer desires, violent impulses and buried secrets.

One evening, Mother tells Daughter a story about a tiger spirit who lived in a woman’s body. Her name was Hu Gu Po and she paid the price for her body in hunger. It’s one of many stories Daughter absorbs from the women in her family, about gourd daughters, buried gold and rabbit moons. Soon afterwards, Daughter wakes with a tiger tail.

And more mysterious events follow: holes in the backyard spit up letters penned by her estranged grandmother; a visiting aunt arrives with red hands and snakes in her belly; her brother tests the possibility of flight.

All the while, Daughter is falling for Ben, a neighbourhood girl who is more bird than tiger and has mysterious stories of her own. As the two young lovers translate the grandmother’s letters and the myths that surround them, Daughter must reckon with how deep these stories are buried within her, and what power is rising, violently, through her. She will have to bring her family’s secrets to light in order to change their destiny.

With a poetic voice of crackling electricity, K-Ming Chang is an explosive young writer who combines the wit and fabulism of Helen Oyeyemi with the magical realist aesthetic of Maxine Hong Kingston. Tracing one family’s history from Taiwan to America, Bestiary is a lyrical and electrifying novel of migration, queer lineages and girlhood.

K-Ming Chang was born in the year of the tiger. She is a Kundiman Fellow and a Lambda Literary Award finalist in poetry. Her poems have been anthologized inInk Knows No Borders, Best New Poets 2018, Bettering American Poetry Vol. 3, the 2019 Pushcart Prize Anthology, and elsewhere. Raised in California, she now lives in New York.

Rowan Hisayo Buchanan is the author of Harmless Like You and Starling Days. She has won The Authors’ Club First Novel Award and a Betty Trask Award and been shortlisted for the Costa Novel Award. Her work has been a New York Times Editors’ Choice, an NPR Great Read, and recommended by Oprah Magazine.

Diary of a Film: Niven Govinden in Conversation with Rosie Dastgir

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18 February 2021 @ 7:30 pm 9:00 pm GMT



Join us as we celebrate the publication of Niven Govinden’s latest novel, DIARY OF A FILM. Niven will be joined in conversation with Rosie Dastgir via Instagram Live.

An auteur, together with his lead actors, is at a prestigious European festival to premiere his latest film.

Alone one morning at a backstreet café, he strikes up a conversation with a local woman who takes him on a walk to uncover the city’s secrets, historic and personal. As the walk unwinds, a story of love and tragedy emerges, and he begins to see the chance meeting as fate. He is entranced, wholly clear in his mind: her story must surely form the basis for his next film.

This is a novel about cinema, flâneurs, and queer love – it is about the sometimes troubled, sometimes ecstatic creative process, and the toll it takes on its makers.

But it is also a novel about stories, and the ongoing question of who has the right to tell them.

Niven Govinden is the author of five previous novels, most recently THIS BRUTAL HOUSE, which was longlisted for the Jhalak Prize and shortlisted for the Polari and Gordon Burn prizes.

Rosie Dastgir is a writer and novelist, born in England to a Pakistani father and an
English mother. Her nonfiction writing has appeared in the Weekend Financial Times,
New York Times Magazine, Stella, Planet Mindful, Prospect
, and she has written and
presented for BBC Radio 4. Her novel, A SMALL FORTUNE, is published by Riverhead
(USA), Quercus (UK), and Editions Bourgois (France). She lives in Dalston, London.

Raven Leilani in Conversation with Black Girls Book Club

11 February 2021 @ 7:00 pm 8:00 pm GMT

£14.99 Book & ticket

We are thrilled to be partnering with Black Girls Book Club as the bookseller for their unmissable event celebrating the UK launch of LUSTER, the hugely anticipated debut novel by Raven Leilani.

All orders for LUSTER placed with us will automatically include admission for the Crowdcast discussion between Raven and Black Girls Book Club on 11 February. Those purchasing the Book & Ticket via our webshop will receive instructions and a Crowdcast link by email on the afternoon of the event.

LUSTER was published in the UK in January and is available to order now for collection or nationwide delivery.

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Torrey Peters discusses Detransition, Baby with Shon Faye

Torrey Peters joined us from Brooklyn via Instagram Live yesterday evening to discuss her groundbreaking debut novel, DETRANSITION, BABY, with Shon Faye. If you missed the event live, you can now catch up below.

Huge thanks to Torrey and Shon for an excellent discussion, and thanks also to everyone who joined us live in the chat!


Detransition, Baby: Torrey Peters in Conversation with Shon Faye

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3 February 2021 @ 7:30 pm 9:00 pm GMT


Join us when we welcome Torrey Peters for a virtual event to discuss her new novel, DETRANSITION, BABY, with Shon Faye. The discussion will be held via Instagram Live.

Reese nearly had it all: a loving relationship with Amy, an apartment in New York, a job she didn’t hate. She’d scraped together a life previous generations of trans women could only dream of; the only thing missing was a child. Then everything fell apart and three years on Reese is still in self-destruct mode, avoiding her loneliness by sleeping with married men.

When her ex calls to ask if she wants to be a mother, Reese finds herself intrigued. After being attacked in the street, Amy de-transitioned to become Ames, changed jobs and, thinking he was infertile, started an affair with his boss Katrina. Now Katrina’s pregnant.

Could the three of them form an unconventional family – and raise the baby together?

Torrey Peters lives in Brooklyn and holds an MFA from the University of Iowa and a Masters in Comparative Literature from Dartmouth. She is the author of two novellas, Infect Your Friends and Loved Ones and The Masker.

Shon Faye is a writer and editor who has written for The Guardian, The Independent, Vogue, Dazed and others. Her first book The Transgender Issue: an argument for justice will be published in September 2021.

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Olivia Sudjic and Lucia Osborne-Crowley discuss Asylum Road

Thanks so much to everyone that joined us via Instagram Live last night for Olivia Sudjic and Lucia Osborne-Crowley’s incredible discussion of Olivia’s new novel, ASYLUM ROAD.

Watch the event below if you missed it, and be sure to pick up a copy of the book which is in stock now for collection or delivery nationwide.