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Playlist: Girls on Bikes / Keeping the House

We’re delighted to share a special Girls on Bikes playlist featuring tracks selected by Tice Cin to accompany her Jhalak Prize shortlisted debut novel, KEEPING THE HOUSE. She says:

“In KEEPING THE HOUSE, backies are just as important as steering the helm when veering through the vastness of Lordship Rec and its surrounds in north London. Enter into a sonic journey of longing and the split choices of young adulthood that imbue one of the core scenes from the novel.”

Us kids in twos
biking like
of wind.
My fingers pinching in her belly.
Go a bit slower when there’s people in the way!
Cemile? Cemile!
Dirty pavement cracking at the wheels.
Bits more wind and bits more wobble.
Pavement starts to blend into grass. She’s leading us
with a map in her head, past a small hedge that looks
forest-ready through Lordship Rec.
dodging benches in bushes like old cars,
towards Farm.
Moselle water sounds in my head.
If you listen close, the water sounds friendly as steel
pans around here.