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Anna Metcalfe recommends…

Ahead of our upcoming event with Anna Metcalfe for her brilliant debut novel CHRYSALIS, we asked Anna to recommend some of the books that inspired her writing!

“Who knew that a novel about an EU postal directive could be so entertaining? I can’t think of a better writer on the bureaucratic absurdity of modern life.”

“Philosophy, psychoanalysis, literary theory and criticism come together in this truly joyful book about being your true, unknowable self: an essential, life affirming read in the age of branding and social media.”

“This novel, in jewel-like sentences, skewers contemporary consumer culture like nothing else I’ve read.”

“This book is so intelligent on the intensity and complexity of mother-daughter relationships. It’s also darkly funny and often made me laugh out loud.”

“Chrysalis began in a seminar I was teaching on Han Kang’s The Vegetarian. I love bringing this strange novel to students. No matter how many times I read The Vegetarian, it always has something new to show me.”

Join us on 29 September when we welcome Anna to read from and discuss her incredible debut novel CHRYSALIS with Julianne Pachico.