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Musa Okwonga and Tayo Popoola in Conversation

“Sometimes you forget you are in this migrant body, then the news reminds you.”

Musa Okwonga reads from IN THE END, IT WAS ALL ABOUT LOVE earlier this month at the shop. If you weren’t one of the lucky few that managed to score a ticket for Musa’s event with Tayo Popoola, we’ve just shared a recording of their incredible discussion to YouTube.

Watch below relive a very special conversation exploring radical vulnerability, love, race, loneliness, and family that we felt enormously fortunate to host.

Enormous thanks once again to Musa, Tayo, Rough Trade Books, and everyone that joined us on the night!

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Tice Cin in Conversation with Lola Olufemi

Sad because you missed out on tickets for the launch of Tice Cin’s KEEPING THE HOUSE with Lola Olufemi a couple of weeks ago? Well, you can turn that frown around, because the whole event is now available to watch online

Tice and Lola’s discussion of the book’s unique exploration of the Turkish Cypriot underworld of North London received one of the most rapturous rounds of applause we can remember in some time!

Huge thanks to Tice and Lola, Nicky at And Other Stories, Father William Taylor at St. Thomas’ Church, Martine Sobey at Clapton Commons, and Lou Palmer for recording and production.

Keep an eye out for more of this kind of thing in the coming weeks and months, and in the meantime make sure you grab KEEPING THE HOUSE, which is in stock and available to order for collection or nationwide delivery.

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Ideas for a New Art World: Zarina Muhammad of the white pube with Michael Lacey

We hosted a really excellent conversation last night between Zarina Muhammad of the white pube and artist Michael Lacey (with the white pube’s Gabrielle de la Puente joining via the chat). Watch back below for super insightful chats about the start of art criticism, plus some deep reality TV discourse.

Huge thanks to Zarina, Gab, Michael, Rough Trade Books, as well as everyone who joined us live (shout out interntional crowd!)

the white pube’s new Rough Trade Books pamphlet, IDEAS FOR A NEW ART WORLD, is in stock and available to order for collection or nationwide delivery.

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Nina Mingya Powles in Conversation with Pema Monaghan

We had the good fortunate to host a wonderful and far-ranging discussion yesterday evening between Nina Mingya Powles and Pema Monaghan to celebrate Nina’s incredible new book, SMALL BODIES OF WATER.

Thank you so much to Nina and Pema, as well as all of you that joined us live. Catch up below if you missed it!

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Patrice Lawrence in Conversation with Fen Coles

Yesterday evening we welcomed Patrice Lawrence to discuss her fourth book for teenagers, SPLINTERS OF SUNSHINE, with Fen Coles of Letterbox Library!

Thank you so much to Patrice for offering such generous insights into the book, to Fen for being such a great discussant, and to everyone that joined us live!

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A Wild and Precious Life

Yesterday evening we hosted a remarkable discussion of recovery, writing, and community with the editors and contributors of A WILD AND PRECIOUS LIFE: A RECOVERY ANTHOLOGY. Huge, huge thanks to Zoe, Gary, Alex, and Rob for their readings and insights, and a big thank you to Lily for serving as chairperson.

Watch below if you missed it, and head to our webshop to grab a copy of the book!

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Isabel Waidner in Conversation with Maz Murray

Yesterday evening we welcomed Isabel Waidner for an amazing discussion of their new novel, STERLING KARAT GOLD, with Maz Murray! Catch up below if you missed it, and make sure you grab a copy of the incredible SKG which is in stock now ✨

Huge thanks to Isabel and Maz, Sam at Peninsula Press, and everyone that joined us live. What an absolute treat!

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Natasha Brown in Conversation with Sara Collins

Yesterday evening we welcomed Natasha Brown for a virtual event to discuss her acclaimed debut novel, ASSEMBLY, with Sara Collins! Huge, huge thanks so Natasha and Sara for a very deep and insightful chat, and thanks also to all of you that joined us live ♥️

ASSEMBLY is in stock now and available to order for collection or nationwide delivery, and if you missed the event, you can watch it below.

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Brontez Purnell in Conversation with Huw Lemmey

Yesterday we hosted the UK launch for Brontez Purnell’s explosive new book, 100 BOYFRIENDS! Huge, huge thanks to Brontez, Huw Lemmey, and everyone who joined us live.

Watch both parts below if you missed it!